Pack Everything You Need in a Carry-On

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Spring break is just around the corner ... But are nightmares of empty suitcases and piles upon piles of clothes interrupting your dreams of white sand and turquois oceans? Packing doesn't have to be the worst part of a trip. If you're looking to save some space (and money) flying, here are some tips on packing everything you need in a carry-on.

Choose wisely.

When it comes to choosing the right carry-on bag, size matters. Check your airline's carry-on allowance before you begin packing. You can find any restrictions under "baggage information" on your airline's website.

Begin with your travel outfit.

Figure out what you're going to wear while traveling, and then work from there. Wear your heaviest items (like denim) on the plane so there's more room in your carry-on to pack your other stuff.

Design your wardrobe.

Pack clothes you like and are comfortable in, and plan on wearing each item a few times. Capsule wardrobes are excellent for traveling because they allow you to mix and match items for a brand new look every day!

Skip the liquids.

Don't hassle with the carry-on liquid guidelines and save some space. Most hotels offer free shampoo, or consider purchasing your liquids once you arrive at your destination.

Think outside the bag.

Not everything you want to bring with you on your trip needs to be packed in your carry on. Hand-carry all electronics, such as tablets.

Leave some room.

If you're planning on picking up any souvenirs, consider leaving some space in your carry-on for your return trip. Otherwise, pack a few items that you won't mind discarding or donating at your destination.

Pick a method for your madness.

Rolling, layering, nesting ... There's more than one way to pack a bag. Check out our Spring Break Travel Hacks Pinterest board for more ideas on how to fit a week's worth of vacation in one tiny bag.

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for West Michigan Woman magazine.

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